Why shouldn’t I simply do my own hiring?
Unfilled vacancies or poor hiring decisions can seriously undermine your best business plans.

  • The work required to fill a vacant position is time-consuming and detracts from your primary responsibilities. Frustration with the search process can lead to a poor hiring decision.
  • There is a multiplier effect each day a position remains unfilled: lost productivity and overworked staff affects the immediate department, and spills negatively into other areas of your company.
  • The cost of making a poor hiring decision, either by promoting the wrong person internally or through a quick HR search, can lower revenue, and increase terminations, severance and replacement costs.
  • Remaining employees must assume additional duties, and often become sidetracked from their main responsibilities, resulting in decreased efficiency and morale.

What should I expect if I engage an executive search firm to fill a position?
You should expect a much greater return for each hiring dollar you spend. You are making a calculated investment in your company’s future. At minimum, you have a right to expect:

  • A firm that specializes in your industry with a successful track record for finding quality candidates who become excellent hires.
  • A knowledgeable, dedicated Recruiter who focuses on your immediate hiring needs, so you can focus on your business.
  • Absolute integrity and confidentiality, as well as candid communication and feedback.
  • A track record, including impeccable references, indicating that the search results were cost effective and the candidates hired become long-term employees who make significant contributions.

Is it really worth the investment to use an executive search firm?
Perhaps the best measure of the worth of an executive search firm is the caliber of the person(s) hired.
Better hires have a multiplier effect on your company, in very positive ways.

  • Good hires are quick learners, adaptable, require little supervision and are motivated.
  • Good hires inspire and train other employees, function as mentors, achieve higher customer satisfaction, produce new ideas and increase productivity.
  • A high-caliber employee pays for himself or herself many times over.

Why is Summers Holland, LLC the best choice for our needs?
Industry specialization and hourly billing methodology are unique. They have been designed to intensely focus on filling your need in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Our performance statistics consistently verify the value in choosing The Summers Holland Group to fill key positions within your company.

  • Summers Holland, LLC is a highly specialized executive search firm exclusively serving the A/E/C industries.
  • The company was founded to provide an alternative to traditional executive search firms by offering unique recruiting and billing methods.
  • We have organized our firm around a small group of dedicated professionals, and offer a highly personalized approach specifically tailored to your particular need and company culture.